Frozen Mice Feeders - Small Sizes - Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Bird Food

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Pinkie -  Extra small pinkies are generally one day old and vary in size from .5”- 1” long, not including tail and weigh in at 1.5-1.99 grams. 

Small Pinkies: 1-2 days old, the small pinkies are pink in color. The small pinkies are the same .5”- 1” length as extra small pinkies, but are heavier in weight.

Large Pinkies: These hairless, large pinkies are between .5”- 1” long and weigh between 2.5 grams and 2.99 grams. These large pinky mice are 3-4 days old and also are classified as neonatal.

White, Dark, Hairless Peach Fuzzies - These fuzzies are between 5 and 9 days of age and grow to be 1” – 1.25, slight fur.

White, Dark, Hairless Fuzzies - Ten to thirteen days of age, these juvenile fuzzies have developed a full coat of hair.

White, Dark, Hairless Hoppers - Hoppers are within 14-18 days old with fully open eyes. They are starting to eat and drink on their own at this point and range between juvenile and adult

White, Dark, Hairless Weanling - By 21-25 days of age, these weanlings eat and drink on their open, have their eyes open and have developed a full coat (aside from hairless weanlings)

White, Dark, Hairless Adults - Feeder mice are classified as large adults once they hit sexual maturity around 30-40 days old. bodies are around 2.5”- 3” long and weigh between 18 and 24.99 g.

White, Dark, Hairless XL-Adults - 25-45+ g each, and reach a body length of 3”-3.75


**All hairless have no fur**


 * Cost of packing materials, dry ice, and insurance are included.