Thermostat WirelessTemperature Remote Control LCD Wireless Temperature With Alarm Function Controller

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The product is designed to automatically turn a connected electrical device on or off at designated times, Light that should turn on and off every day at the same time can be automatically controlled by the this timer switch socket. Other device can be activated using the timer as well.
This thermostat timer switch provides multiple functions, such as timer function, countdown, random function, heat mode and cool mode; it is used to control many kinds of home appliances, furthermore, it can control heating or cooling devices to maintain a stable and comfortable room temperature. 

1. Multi-functional design: such as timer function, countdown, random function, heat mode and cool mode, etc. 
2. Plug and play, no need any installation, easy for operation. 
3. Large LCD display with green backlight, easy to operate or read in the dark. 
4. 20 groups of ON/OFF programs: automatically turn on/off a connected electrical device at designated times. 
5. 3 random modes: RND, L-RND and PROG-RND, randomly turn on/off to protect your home security or home appliances. 
6. 4 HEAT programs and 4 COOL programs: control heating or cooling devices to maintain a stable temperature and save energy. 
7. With countdown function: 23hr 59min 59s, turn on/off your home appliances when countdown is over. 
8. Extra temperature sensor 0.1°C/0.1°F, °C/°F switchable. 
9. Clock display: 12H/24H for selection and DST function. 

Model: TS-4000
Color: White 
Material: ABS + PC + Metal 
Plug Type: US Plug
Max. Ratings: 230VAC/16A/50Hz/3680W(EU); 120VAC/15A/60Hz/1800W(US); 250VAC/13A/50Hz/3250W(UK) 
Display: 50 * 40mm LCD with Green Backlight 
Protection Class: I 
Min. Switch Time: 1 second 
Switching NO/OFF Programs: 20 Groups 
Random Programs: 3 Groups 
Countdown Function: 23hr:59m:59s 
HEAT Programs: 4 Groups 
COOL Programs: 4 Groups 
Battery Type: 2 * LR44/AG13 Button Batteries(NOT Included) 
Probe Length: 50cm / 19.7in 
Dimensions size(W*H*D): Approx. 65 * 146 * 75mm / 2.56 * 5.75 * 2.95in 
Net Weight: Approx. 189g / 6.68oz 
Package Size: 9 * 7.5 * 15cm / 3.54 * 2.95 * 5.9in 
Package Weight: Approx. 235~254g / 8.3-8.96oz  (UK 254g, US234g, EU245g)

The backup batteries(2*LR44/AG13, not included) are used for memory settings.