Madagascar Hisser Roach Adults & Nymphs - Gromphadorhina portentosa - Hissing Dubia Alternative

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** For Live Arrival  in winter months (or temps below 40 on deliver) You must Purchase a Heat Pack ** 

For live Guarantee you must pick them up from the Post Office within 24 hours of arrival. All Packages will be marked Hold At Post Office. 

Halloween Hisser Roach Insect Feeders - *Limited Supply*

Fed on a Custom Vitamin Rich Feed / 100% Organic Veggie Diet - 2 days a week Feed / 5 Days Fresh Organic Veggies.

They make Great Snacks for Reptiles and Small Omnivores.

Great Display Animals and Fun pets!

**Mixed does not include any adults**

 *We Cannot ship to Florida*

***Temperatures below 20 degrees or above 95 degrees live delivery subject to change, must not let the insects remain in the elements. *


For ANY D.O.A. You must contact us within 3 hours of receiving your shipment. Photo evidence must be submitted to , along with an image of the shipping slip on the package. We are open to working with our customers. 


Shipping is Monday -  wednesdays during the winter months on orders under $40.00, excepts are if First Class USPS is 2 Day shipping from our Location. 

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