Dubia Roach Breeding & More!

Why did we start breeding Dubia Roaches along with other feeder roaches; and get in this Pet Supplies industry? At M.R. Pet Supplies we simply love our animals. This translates to better Quality Food for them! This Translated into breeding Dubia Roaches and Super worms!

Now from there we realized that other Pet Supplies are needed not just for our Reptiles but Dogs, Cats and other more common place Animals. 

All of the items in our Pet Supplies collections offer the best quality for a great price!

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  • Dubia Roach Breeder, Pet Supplies
  • Dubia roach breeding isnt our only focus. Dog Toys and Cat Toys are too.
  • Leopard Geckos eat Dubia Roach too. Reptiles love us!
  • Dubia Breeding leads to Rodent Breeding! Love our snakes!
  • Bearded Dragons LOVE Dubia Roaches!