Red Runners - Turkestan cockroach - Cricket Alternative - Live Insect Feeder

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Red Runner-  Roach Insect Feeders - Turkestan cockroach - Cricket Alternative *Limited Supply*

Fed on a Custom Vitamin Rich Feed / 100% Organic Veggie Diet - 3 days a week Feed / 4 Days Fresh Organic Veggies.

For the best deal pick the Mixed! (True bang for your buck!)

Great for Reptiles and Small Mammal pets! Bearded Dragons, Toads, Frogs, Chameleons! 

** For Live Delivery during winter months you must purchase a heat pad. **

***Must pick up from Post Office for Live Guarantee!!  ****

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Adult - Fully Grown
Large - 3/8 inch - 1inch+
Medium - 1/4 inch - 3/8inch+
Small - 1/8 Inch or smaller - 1/4 inch
Mixed Best Deal*

A few benefits of red runners over other feeders:

Red Runners can not climb smooth surfaces or fly

Can survive fine at Room Temperatures

New-born to small nymphs are the size of pinhead crickets

Softer chitin (shell) for easy digestion.

Fast movement for stimulating hunting / feeding response

Higher Protein : Fat Ratio than most roaches & super worms


Red Runner Roach Crikect Alternative 

***Temperatures below 20 degrees or above 95 degrees at delivery point will have no guarantee no matter what shipping is chosen, ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK. ***

*mixed does not come with any breeding adult females*

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