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NOTE: This is not an in-depth look at all nutrition, it is a list of the macro nutrients needed, along with some information about what our dubia roaches are fed with. 


Nutritional Chart


63.8% - 10.6% 76%
35.6% - 6.75% 61.18%
15.5% 7.7% 22.2% 62%
21.3% 3.2% 6.0% 70%
41% - 5.25% 62.3%


Dubia roaches may not be the highest live food in protein however their low chitin levels, high protein,  and low fat make them the idea feeder insects for your pet.

In comparison to crickets, they are 7x meatier (large to large) and a lot healthier, without the risk of parasite infection.

Also they do not molt into moths or butterflies if left in the container longer than expected due to lack of appetite on the insectivores part.

Organic Garden Dubia Roach food


Our dubia roach colonies get fed a variety of Organic local Produce and a ground roach fed that is infused with some calcium, Wheat and other grains. 

We rarely use gel crystals although they are perfectly safe and recommended for the average pet owner.

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